Just pinch me.
Traveling for work during the bitter cold months in the midwest!?! Yes, please!
I have always hoped and dreamed that I would be able to take my photography passion to other parts of the country.
This family gave me the most amazing opportunity to travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to document their precious family.
This was an extra special experience as we got to break their sessions up into two evenings, allowing me to try totally different sunset locations.
It was eventful, and I have fallen in love with Arizona!!!  Such unique landscapes and breathtaking sunsets.
This family couldn’t have been more fun and adventurous in the desert with two little ones. So many favorites from this session.

AZ1az9AZ3AZ4AZ5AZ6AZ7AZ8If you are interested in a travel session, please contact me at robin@picsyphoto.com for more information.

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As you all know my goal is to always provide you with beautiful memories.
Part of enjoying those memories is creating wall art out of your images for you to display and enjoy in your home.
Even though we live in a digital world, PLEASE take time to print your images.
I am thrilled to offer new and lot more Photoblock items that are unique to Picsy clients.
And here is the best part…when you are ready to place an order I can show you how your images will look in these realistic templates!
It’s so fun and makes designing wall galleries easy peasy!
Here are some ideas for you to browse to get you thinking about the possibilities.


For more information, pricing, and ordering {CLICK HERE}.

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I truly believe their are certain people put on this earth to show others how to handle difficult situations in life.
People that are tested over and over again to see how much their heart can take.  People that are tested to turn something so very heart wrenching into an inspiring story of faith.
This beautiful and strong family. They are one of those people. They are true warriors.
In March of 2014 they lost their sweet baby Ezra so very close to delivering, and this year they gave birth to the most precious gift.
I remember following their story and fighting back sobbing tears as I saw the pain they had to endure.
Everyone grieves in their own way, and to see this family openly share their honest feelings about the reality of suffering was just so amazing.
This family has helped so many people cope during difficult times without even knowing it.  I will always look up to their beautiful testimony and incredible strength.

At newborn sessions I’m intrigued by the names families choose and if there is any significant meaning behind them.
When George and Amiee shared their strong and powerful names of their beautiful children, I was left feeling so inspired to share.
Judah, their first born, means praise and their is no doubt this little dude is passionate about praise and worship.
The Lion of Judah is also another name of Jesus. Judah is fierce, and strong, and brave. He is always telling his parents that he has a lion inside his heart. How awesome is that!?!
Ezra, their second baby, means help. This family experienced God as their refuge and their help in the season of loss.
Shiloh, their third blessing, means His gift, Peaceful one.  It was a significant battle site in the Civil War and a significant place in the Bible.
They shared with me that, “Shiloh is no doubt our redeeming gift from our good Father, our peace in the battlefield.
The promise that God is faithful and works for our good, redeeming what has been lost. We are experiencing that fully in our Shiloh.”

Just look at these beautiful faces. They are at peace, and it was the most amazing experience to capture it on camera.

shiloh1shiloh7shiloh3shiloh4shiloh9shiloh6Thank you for sharing your brave hearts and faith with us.  So much love goes out to you!

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