I have some exciting news to share!
I’m going to take a leave from teaching 5th grade, and go in the direction that my heart is pulling toward.
Ever since our Josie girl came into this world I have dreamed about being a stay at home mom.
I was lucky enough that my mom’s number one occupation was to care for our family.  I have so many memories with her at home.
This has been a very difficult decision financially and due to my love for teaching, it hasn’t been easy.
My husband has fully analyzed our life spending in excel spreadsheets, as I’ve pursued my new passion of photography,
in hopes of staying home with Josie.  Gotta love him!
I know…I know…I’m still going to be working, but this new endeavor will allow me to be more flexible.
Working two full time jobs this year just wasn’t fair to my Josie, husband, family, friends, and myself.  I want to be better.
I want to take Josie to toddler classes.  I want to see her smile and wave good-bye on her first day of preschool.  I simply want to be there.
I’ve had my doubts and concerns, but this most recent session reassured me that I was making the right decision.

Look at the way this baby adores her mommy!

Do you see the love?

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I LOVE one-year-old’s!  Those rolly-polly bellies, first steps, curious looks, and fearless minds.
Everything is new and interesting to an one-year-old.  They enthusiastically use their five senses to actively
explore the world around them.  And once a discovery is made, one-year-old’s want to make it happen again and again and again!
This little cutie stole my heart.  She is such a perfect one-year-old! 

I know that I mentioned I love one-year-old’s, but I LOVE Chicago too!
It was refreshing to get out of the suburbs for the day and get a little taste of what it is like to raise a one-year-old in the city.
One of my all time favorite cupcake bakeries is Sweet Mandy B’s, in the heart of Lincoln Park.  This family lives right around the
corner and their little one-year-old had her first taste of total sweetness! Yes, I had to make a stop for a cupcake on my way home too!

After much fun playing with balloons and cake we had to make a quick trip to the lake.  I’m so glad that we did!


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This special location is close to my heart for so many reasons.  Those reasons might just have to be a blog post for another day.  Elkhart Lake is a tiny little town tucked in Wisconsin that is full of character, friendly faces, and vintage charm.  The trains don’t run through the town anymore, so the kids have a ton of fun playing on the tracks.  What little boy doesn’t like choo-choo trains and playing on real railroad tracks?   Seriously, this is the perfect place to let kids explore while parents can have fun!  I was finally able to have a session with my nephews over Easter weekend.  Sibling relationships are special and unique, and these three boys each have a personality of their own.  One is loud and artistic, one is shy and imaginative, and another is cuddly and curious.  I am so lucky to have these three sweeties in my life!

For more information on Elkhart Lake {click here}.  My family and I spend a lot of our time at this sweet spot over the summer and I am now booking sessions for those interested.  Who’s ready for summer!?!

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