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Anytime another photographer contacts me to photograph their family it’s the most flattering email to receive.
Now, add in the fact that this photographer has seven gorgeous kids for me to capture!
I have never photographed a family with this many absolutely scrumptious faces before!!!!
Let’s have a little chat. I only have two kids and the struggle is real,
soooooo naturally I had so many questions for this gorgeous mama who balances life like a champ!
For example, how did you all fit in one vehicle? How do you feed that many mouths? Do you ever sleep?
Do they all get along?  How do you get any editing done?
And the BIG one. How do you have that much room in your heart to love all these amazing children!?!
I can say with 100% honesty, this family is the most well behaved, caring, respectful group I have ever met.
Each sibling looks out for one another, and the secret is they REALLY-REALLY love one another.
Seeing them in action made my heart squeal. They have this big family life down.
Oh! And they all fit in an Excursion.
Jay and Liz, you all are just so much fun. Come back already! I miss staring at your beautiful snuggly family in awe. xo

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