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take two

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this family not only once but twice.
The night of their scheduled session the unimaginable happened.
It was a warm night, and everyone was happy as can be walking out to the field.
They were styled from head to toe, and everyone was in such a good mood.
I couldn’t wait to start capturing their family together.
The boys took off running like most boys do at sessions, and naturally sister wanted to tag along,
like most two year olds do.
Off she went running after her big brothers with the biggest smile on her face,
only seconds later tripping and falling right into an icky mud mess.
Oh my goodness! We all couldn’t believe our eyes.
Those smiles turned to big tears and she was covered in mud. All over her body and all over her cute little dress.
You guys, rolls reversed I probably would have lost my marbles if this happened at my own family session, but these parents stayed so calm as they tried to clean her up.  They.Are.Amazing. That’s probably why they manage four kids under the age of six so well and I was meant to only have two. Ha!
Back to the story. So after some clean up duty we decided to reschedule their session.
I’m not a quitter, but their was no coming back from that unfortunate event.
Second night we stayed clear of the muddy field, and had an even more gorgeous night.
Take two was meant to be.
Isn’t it funny how sticky situations sometimes work out for the best!?!



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